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On the podium
Our gymnasts have done a fantastic job again.
At the last tournament, they warded off international competition and made it onto the podium once again.
Gymnastics is so much fun!

With our 4,800 members, were one of the biggest sports clubs in the city. Anyone whod like to do some exercise can join our club! Kids can gain their first experience of sport from the age of 12 months onward in a special gymnastics program that they can attend with mom or dad.

All golden-agers whod like to stay fit are also welcome to join our club, of course.

A large choice of options

Visit us to get an idea of what we offer. Our club offers members a wide variety of different sports apart from gymnastics. Among other things, these include badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, field hockey, soccer, apparatus gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, handball, track and field, cycling, swimming, dancing, and table-tennis.
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